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Who is T & J? 

Who names a company after their middle names? We do. Why? We have mothers who felt like we needed a middle name that was...well...not tied down to one gender. 

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Meet Ebon Tracy
(The T)

Ebon was born and raised on the westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana. His first drawing of Bart Simpson in 4th grade led him to following his passion of designing and creating through pictures.  After graduating from Pleasant Hill High School in 2004, he attempted to study art and graphic design in several colleges and universities. Yeah...that didn't work. But when he was able to put a camera in his hand...things starting making sense. He currently spends his days as a courier for FedEx. By afternoon and night, however, he develops designs, merchandise, and photography for whoever will accept his abilities to capture memories. In his spare time, he volunteers at his church as a trustee and the President of the Lee Marion Butts Photography Ministry.  When he's not volunteering, he is probably playing Call of Duty on his Playstation. 

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Meet Sandrella James
(The J)

Sandrella is a product of Crowley, Louisiana where rice fields are plenty and creativity is different. It wasn't until she graduated from Northwestern State University in 2009 with a degree in English Education that she realized her love for capturing moments through pictures. It started out as a stress reliever from her career as an English teacher. It became an obsession that provides a sense of peace when the world goes crazy. When she isn't capturing pictures or designing websites, she teaches high school English, writes books, organizes events for a writing nonprofit for youth, revises books for a publishing company, and makes sure her husband doesn't forget to get work done. 

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